DECAF was a hoax/spoof

December 19, 2009

It turns out that the guys behind DECAF only released the anti-COFEE software to proselytize.  Or at least, that’s what it looks like to me.  In a post titled “Game Over,” the people behind it have written:

We want to thank every media outlet, financial supporter, security expert, and forensic investigator that showed us support.

As you probably noticed, your copy of DECAF no longer works. We have disabled every copy of DECAF. We hope that as you realize this was a stunt to raise awareness for security and the need for better forensic tools that you would reconsider cutting corners on corporate security. Also, governments should not rely on a tool to automate the process of forensics but rather invest in the education of investigators and forensic tool experts. If we were able to assist every government agency in their computer crime investigations, we would. The problem is DECAF is just two people. As a security community at large, we need to band together and start relieving some of the burden off our government by giving back.

It also goes to show that if two people can make an impact as big as DECAF did; imagine how much positive we could all do together. Lately our media has been presenting many individual people (balloon boy, white house visitors, etc) who have been manipulating media outlets for selfish publicity in hopes of being “successful”. The problem is that America has grown to be selfish, self-reliant, prideful, and a arrogant monster. We leave our marriages, neglect our kids, chase positions/status at work, chase materialistic property and only think of ourselves. In the mean time our whole country goes down the tubes.

These problems individuals are facing are not new. They are due to you trying to fill the void in your life with things of this world. Most everyone has bitter roots, some have been victimized, others are just neglected. You go through the woes of life with no life support.

I too would still be swallowed up in my prideful and selfish ways. I would still be with my addictive behaviors; womanizing, pornography, stealing, hacking, lieing, manipulating, and fighting. DECAF would have been a perfect way to feed my addictions. Instead I used it as a way to bring you a message. A message of freedom, a message of peace, a message of transparency and a message of unity. As you learn a little about me, understand I faced the same things I am speaking about. I didn’t address the fruits of my life, I addressed the bitter roots of my life. Religion didn’t do it for me. Catholicism didn’t do it for me. Athiesm didn’t do it for me. Agnostic didn’t do it for me. Unity and education did it for me. Only one man gets credit for it. Jesus Christ. Once I learned Christ wasn’t about that foolishness I seen on t.v. or seen in other “Christians”, I realized I was missing the point. I couldn’t look past the Christians to see the CHRIST. I accepted Him as my savior and then started putting Him in positions over my life. My life changed and yours can too. It was about relationship.

Romans 10:9 – “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Stay tuned for the release of the forum and if you are interested in joining, please send an email to join@decafme.org

Well, that’s sort of a weird twist; unexpected, and yet not so much:

  1. A couple of guys release an anti-COFEE software that supposedly does what it does (because, remember, the code was never revealed, leading to speculation that this could’ve been the ultimate malware)
  2. There was that complaint sent to wired.com, where the guys behind DECAF complained about being painted as hackers:

    The developers of DECAF have taken issue with Threat Level referring to them as hackers. “We’re just two developers who support the free flow of information and privacy,” one of them wrote Threat Level in an anonymous e-mail. “You could say we’re just average joes.”

Yeah, average joes.  Average joes that decide to release a fake anti-forensics software in order to preach about Jesus and society in general.  Nothing average about that.  Gotta say, though, it’s a hell of a marketing job.


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